Courier ServiceMember Services Agreement

Before you use the Courier Service service, you should carefully read the entire contents of the Courier Service User Agreement "(" Agreement "), in particular those relating to your significant interests.

By clicking on the "Register" button on the user registration page, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the entire contents of this Agreement and all rules that Courier Service has published or may be released in the future, all rules are inseparable from the Agreement As part of the agreement with the body have the same legal effect.

I. Definitions

  1. Users: refers to the completion of Courier Service platform registration process, access to access Courier Service member system permissions of the official registered members.
  2. Service: refers to the Courier Service to provide users with the international distribution services.
  3. Shipments: Customer consignment Courier Service for international distribution, Courier Service to provide logistics and information services to the Chinese side of the designated recipient of the international personal express mail.
  4. Both: refers to the user and Courier Service

Second, the user qualifications and obligations

  1. The user shall be a natural person with full capacity for civil conduct or other legal subject with independent legal capacity. If the user is a person without civil capacity, limited capacity of civil conduct, or do not have independent ability to bear the legal responsibility of other subjects, you should be under the custody of the guardian of the transaction or authorized by the main body authorized to conduct transactions.
  2. By clicking on the "Agree Agreement and Signing Up" button, the user will be deemed to agree to all the terms of this Agreement and all the rules that Courier Service has published or may be published in the future, and have the information about the Courier Service platform, Etc. Courier Service services and the corresponding rights and capacity, and can bear their legal responsibility for their actions.
  3. After successful registration, users should keep their Courier Service platform account and password, should regularly or irregularly modify the password, after each use to make it in the "exit" state to ensure account security. The User shall not lend, transfer or use the GGGGG platform account for any other illegal use. Otherwise, the user shall bear corresponding legal liability for loss caused by improper custody of the account, unless there is evidence that the behavior is not related to the user. If the user because Courier Service platform account theft or other non-user causes damage, the user should immediately notify Courier Service and report to the public security organs.
  4. Users should timely provide information to the Courier Service to the Courier Service to provide information on the logistics service information, send and receive pieces of information, shipments to declare information, shipment handling methods and other important information on the B side. And should ensure that the information provided by the Chinese domestic recipient identification, delivery address is true and effective, and accurate and complete.
  5. The user to ensure that the description of the goods provided is correct and complete, and actively cooperate with the required documents to assist Courier Service to complete clearance, inspection, tax and other customs matters.

Third, the prohibition of this agreement

  1. Forbidden to send personal express parcel personal standards for personal use, specifically as follows: the number of unreasonable value, prohibit the sale or rental after entry, to prohibit the delivery of bills of lading, such as violation of customs regulations.
  2. The user shall abide by and abide by the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where the goods originate and the destination are related. Otherwise, the user shall bear all the responsibilities and consequences. (2) credit cards, cash cards and other cards; (3) financial institutions passbook and cash card; (4) parcels (1) cash and checks, bills of exchange, securities and other types of securities; (5) living animals and plants, dead animals or peeling animals (ie specimens); (6) part of the human body or body, remains, remains, tablets; (7) stimulants (8) guns, swords, weapons, weapons, gunpowder, explosives, toxic substances, toxic chemicals; (9) pharmaceuticals, drugs and other illicit drugs; Medical equipment; (10) child pornography, adult pornographic tapes, and other obscene material; (11) goods that are prohibited or restricted by the laws of the importing and exporting country, state and local governments, including transit countries; (12) Other items which the Company considers to be non-carrier due to non-compliance. (2) Other items not permitted to be carried in the transport agreement of the transport company;
  3. If the user violates any of the above requirements, the user shall be compensated for the economic loss caused by Courier Service and the adverse effect shall be eliminated.
    Details are as follows:
    Courier Service does not bear any responsibility, the corresponding handling fees, fines, return fees, warehousing, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, and so on. Fees, customs fees and delivery fees and other costs and other Courier Service consequent losses borne by the user. Courier Service reserves the right not to notify the user of the shipment if the user fails to actively cooperate with the Courier Service coordination, resulting in a shipment stuck for 30 days.

Fourth, price and settlement

  1. Courier Service Service charges are shown in the price list. The price list is subject to change without notice. The basis weight of the commodity, based on the measurement results of the company shall prevail.
  2. Courier Service Service charges include a one-way transportation charge from our company to our member. Customs duties or other expenses incurred from the Company to the Member Office, the Member shall bear the actual expenses incurred. The Company is not obliged to pay any other fees.
  3. Courier Service has a lien on the customer in the hands of Party A who has not yet paid freight and other duty-payable goods. This lien does not affect any other rights granted by law to Courier Service.
  4. Goods in the process of customs clearance arising from customs duties, value-added tax and customs fees prescribed by the Shanghai to buy Information Technology Co., Ltd. on behalf of the collection and payment.

Fifth, force majeure

The term "force majeure" as used in this Agreement means an event or circumstance that can not be controlled by both parties to the Agreement and will affect the performance of the obligations of the parties. But are not limited to, "accidents involving accidents, public invasions, government authorities, legal authorities, acts or omissions of officials of customs or quarantine offices, riots, strikes or other regional disputes, civil unrest, war or weather; National or regional air or ground transportation system interruption or communication system interference or malfunction caused by the Company's control. " In such cases, Courier Service will make reasonable efforts to deliver to the destination as soon as possible and complete the delivery. Courier Service is under no obligation to give notice to the user regarding the possible existence of one or more of the above circumstances.

Six, Courier Service service statement

  1. The service is the international e-commerce logistics services. Courier Service does not become a party to the contract of sale because it is not Courier Service that deals with the sale company. Courier Service does not bear all the flaws associated with the goods, infringement of intellectual property rights and other responsibilities. However, if the Member has evidence that the loss of goods, damage occurred in the Courier Service custody and transportation period, is not subject to this article.
  2. Courier Service Kaifeng can check the contents of the goods but did not test the obligations of goods, while the test results are not on the quality of goods, with or without flaws, to ensure genuine counterfeit goods, does not guarantee that the goods do not violate the place issued by the destination The relevant laws and regulations.
  3. Courier Service In the inspection of the preceding paragraph, the Company may take measures such as reporting to the police and the relevant office, and submitting the goods if any laws and regulations are found that violate the "Prevention of the Transfer of the Proceeds", suspected of infringing the possibility of the goods . As a result, the User shall not be liable for any damage caused by this Article. Courier Service